School comes with stressors from the environment, academics, and social interactions. Students must be able to manage all of this while remaining calm, managing behaviours, and focused on learning.

In this module, we will focus on the topic of self-regulation. Parts of this module will draw on the work of Dr. Stuart Shanker,  and the MEHRIT Centre, one of the leading researchers and organizations in self-regulation.

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Creating Inclusive Classrooms Learner Pathway:

  1. Universal Design for Learning
  2. Differentiated Instruction (from Foundations of Special Education)
  3. Differentiated Assessment
  4. Response to Intervention
  5. Cognitive Load Theory
  6. Self-Regulation
  7. Self-Regulated Learning (Coming Soon!)
  8. Creating Inclusive Cultures
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Module Includes

  • 10 Lessons
  • Module Certificate