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Simulation Instructions (Optional)

To better understand how different types of sensory processing challenges can influence focus and communication during classroom instruction please go through the following simulations on the Sensory Simulator App:

  • Michael: Classroom Hypersensitivity
  • Daniel: Classroom Hyposensitivity 1

For the first simulation, Michael experiences auditory hypersensitivity. The audio of a lesson is played throughout the simulation, with the first 10 seconds being a reflection of how neurotypical individuals might filter out background noises to focus on a particular audio source. Michael has difficulty in doing so, and instead is able to hear a variety of sounds others may naturally tune out. Each distortion in the visual aspect of the simulation represents a loss of focus due to a distracting noise.

The second simulation, Daniel, presents the same scenario but with auditory hyposensitivity. As you will experience, in comparison to what others may experience, the instructional lesson may be difficult to focus on due to a lower perceived volume and focus. In addition, Daniel may perceive colours differently than others, and due to the lack of stimuli to meet his sensory needs, may begin to lose focus or “zone out.”

As with all the simulations, these are just a representation of some of the experiences that some individuals with ASD may face. Some aspects have been modified to allow for neurotypical individuals to better understand these scenarios, and it is impossible to incorporate the way of thinking, emotions, and social aspects into the simulation.

Since communication challenges are not necessarily dependent on sensory aspects we will not do an in-depth analysis of the simulations like in other modules.

Once you have finished the simulations please proceed to the next video. Thank you!

The Sensory Simulator App can be found on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sensory-simulator/id1308098797?mt=8